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Education Topics for Dr. Szczukowski


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Osteoarthritis Common Sites
Osteoarthritis Exercise
Osteoarthritis Understanding
Osteoarthritis Injections/SX
Osteoarthritis Daily Living
Osteoarthritis Non-Invasive Treatment Options
Sex Positions After Joint Replacements
Safety after Joint SX
Bones How they Heal
Broken Bones - Children
Cast Care Kids
Cast Care 
Stress FX
Wrist FX
Muscle Spasm
Sprains, Strains Treatment 
Cortisone Injections 
Trigger Point Injections 
Using a Cane
Cane Fitting 
Prosthesis with Cane
Crutch Fitting 
Crutch Non Weight Bearing 
Cane/Crutch Moving Safely Prevent Falls
Using a Walker
Healthy Lifestyle - Managing Stress
Pain Management
Healthy Choice tips - Eating Out
Weight Management Fact/Fiction
Weight Management Take if off / Keep it off 
Healthy Eating
Understanding Body Mass Index (BMI)
Benefits of Living Smoke Free
Support of Quitting Smoking
Planning to Quit
Health Effects of Smoking 
Recognizing & Treating Wound Infection

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Hip Arthroscopy Removal Loose Bodies
Hip Arthroscopy Repair Chondral Damage
Hip Arthroscopy FAI
Hip Arthroscopy Labral Tear Repair 
Hip Arthroscopy Synovitis & Arthritis
Hip Replacement
Hip Precautions
Hip Replacement Preparing for SX
Hip Replacement Home Safety
Hip Replacement Returning to Activity
Conditioning Prog. Prior to Hip Replacement
Exercise prior to Hip Rep Walker/Cane Use
Hip Safety Dressing 
Hip Safety Getting Into/Out of Car
Hip Safety Getting into/Out of Bed
Hip Safety Sitting 
Hip Safety Sleeping Positions
Hip Safety Using Toilet
Hip FX Common Questions

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Knee Cap/Joint
Knee Cap in Action
Leg/Knee Exercises - Hip Pulls
Leg/Knee Exercises - Leg Lunge
Leg/Knee Exercises - Quad Set
Leg/Knee Exercises - Step Ups
Leg Muscle Stretches - Knee Flexion
Knee Replacement Keeping Knee Healthy
Knee Replacement 1st month
Knee Replacement 
Conditioning Prog. Prior to Knee Replacement
Knee Replacement Home Safety
Knee Replacement Control Swelling
Knee Replacement Understanding
Knee Arthroscopy
Knee Arthroscopy After
Knee Arthroscopy Conditions Treatment 
Knee Pain/Swelling Treatment 
Kneecap problems common
Kneecap SX realignment
MCL Problems
Meniscus Problems 
Post Op Tips Knee
ACL Injuries
ACL Getting Back to Active Lifestyle

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Parts of Shoulder
Shoulder Joint
Frozen Shoulder Treatment 
Frozen Shoulder Understanding 
Frozen Shoulder Exercise
Shoulder Impingement
Rotator Cuff Injuries
Shoulder Arthroscopy
Shoulder Arthroscopy Conditions Treated
Shoulder Capsule Thermal Shrinkage
Shoulder Impingement SX
Shoulder Instability
Shoulder Repair Bankart
Shoulder Bankart Lesion
Shoulder SLAP Lesion 
Shoulder Bankart/Slap After SX
Shoulder Problems
Shoulder Joint
Preventing Repetative Motion Injury Shoulder

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